Olivier Cléro

Design for Solarus


Solarus is a 2D game engine originally made for Zelda-like games. I am involved in the project for a long time, before Solarus wasn’t even called Solarus, and was still in the head of Christopho, its creator.

Game engine logo (2011)

This logo was one of the first logos I made. It was a long process, because I was an Adobe Illustrator noob at that time. I tried to make something that feels 90s old-school.

Today, I regret making the tagline part of the logo. I’m working on improving this, stay tuned!

Software logos (2011)

Solarus is the game engine, and you have some tools to use it. As a player, you browse and launch games with Solarus Launcher. And as a game developer, you create your games with Solarus Quest Editor.

Website engine logo (2019)

In 2019, we replaced the old Wordpress website with a custom website backend that we calld Kokori. The name is a nod to Kokiri, the name of the forest elfs in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and Coq-au-riz, Binbin’s famous recipe.

The logo is a ‘K’ based on the Kokiri symbol that we can see on the Kokiri shield.

Nonprofit organization logo (2020)

In 2020, we created a nonprofit organization to support the project and receive donations legally. It’s called Solarus Labs. Now you can donate legally, and even, if you’re French, deduce the amount from your taxes!

Game development team

The historical team behnd Solarus, led by Christopho, needed a logo to make it distinct from Solarus itself. Since Christopho is fond of chess, the logo uses its distinctive elements, also suggesting distinctive elements from Zelda games.


This is an icon collection I made for the project.