Olivier Cléro



Luna is a QML components library (Buttons, CheckBoxes, SpinBoxes, etc.) aimed to desktop usage.

I was surprised that there wasn’t good QML components library for desktop. One can find mobile libraries but no desktop ones, unfortunately. I decided to make an attempt to learn QML and train myself for the Solarus Launcher UI library.

I hope that it will help people making desktop apps with QtQuick/QML.

  • Based on QtQuickControls 2.
  • Fixes various behaviors for default QML components.
  • Adds support for a much needed DoubleSpinBox, to handle doubles (the standard one handles only integers).
  • Provides a TreeView.
  • Provides a Vector3dEditor to handle QVector3D objects.
  • Lots of animations and graphical effects.
  • Utilities like ScrollUtils, GeometryUtils, BindingUtils, EventLoopUtils
  • New components are not 100% pure QML: they’re based on C++ classes for the backend and logic, for performance reasons.